Old Monk (National Rum Of India)

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Old Monk (National Rum Of India)

old monk rum| spirits cave First time I heard the name of a rum, it was old monk. This is the most affordable and one the best rum widely available in India. It is used as medicine while you have cough and cold. While you this for medicine do not consume this with ice and 20 ml is more than enough. Old Monk is a dark rum produced locally by Mohan Meakin Limited in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. They blend and aged for a minimum of 7 years. This dark rum brand is the second largest selling aged dark rum in the world.

Country: India

Appearance: The old monk bottle looks great. They have designed the bottle wisely and classy that one can never imagine the price of bottle is so cheap. The most common bottle available has textured surface of bottle(feels like rough netting) which helps you to grip the bottle especially if some condensation happens to be present on the outer surface. The topper is plastic and provides a good seal. 

Smell and Taste: When you open the bottle, you can smell the brown sugar, maple syrup and rich baking spices (assertive vanilla, some spicy cinnamon and cloves, and a bit of pungent nutmeg). It has a dark rich brown colour. It is thick that it forms sheen on the inside of that glass which gives up a few fat legs.

When you drink this, in starting it give rough and tumble taste as this is a strong one. It contains 42.8 % alcohol by volume spirit; however, the Old Monk has the impact of a higher proof bottling. Old Monk has a strong molasses flavour which is permeated with hot cinnamon and cloves as well as oak spice. Flavours of licorice and rich vanilla abound, giving the dark rum a strong appeal in the glass despite the rough and tumble character.

How to enjoy: Rum and cola are always best combination. Splash of cola and a few ice cubes are to be mixed with 2 ounces of the Old Monk.

**Drink responsibly. A person should be of legal age to consume alcohol. Do not drink and drive.

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